I Need…

I need a ritual.

I need an intimate ceremony where I can celebrate the person I was, the person I am, and the person waiting to be.

I’ve thought about this since reading and writing about Rosh Hashana. The description of “casting off of sin” made a big impression on me. It was not at all like my childhood memories of going to confession.  In my mind, we’re talking the same basic concept. How much more powerful would it be to make the journey to the river, break off pieces of bread while thinking of past sins, then throwing each sin into the flowing current. The physical connection in each segment of this ritual is healing to me. Instead of feeling shame for my sins, I have a sense of personal power enabling me to make the changes I need in my future.

I like that feeling.

I’ve read about other rituals. Not surprisingly, many of them are part of Jewish traditions. A bathing ritual or mikvah was interesting to me. In recent years, this tradition has regained acceptance because the ritual has evolved to meet the needs of today’s people and today’s world.

Who says rituals can’t change? Who says I can’t make my own bathing ritual?

I’ve wondered if that wasn’t what was missing when I retired. Would it have been different for me if there had been a ritual commemorating that tremendous life-changing event? Would it make other transitions easier for me if I had a ritual that enabled me to adjust physically and mentally?

Okay, here’s my plan for the next month.

For the next thirty days, I will begin my day with thirty minutes of journaling and reading. No social media or other news until I have my soul time.

Any joiners?

I am…

B…simply being…

I love you and wish you peace.





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