Youth Dew

“Songs and smells will bring you back to a moment in time more than anything else. It’s amazing how much can be conjured with a few notes of a song or a solitary whiff of a room. A song you didn’t even pay attention to at the time, a place that you didn’t even know had a particular smell.” 

Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed

Encouragement can come in strange shapes and forms.

I went to a program at the library this morning. I fell into line behind the other late arrivals. As the woman in front of me passed through the automatic door the air currents caught her perfume and floated it into my path.

Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew–I’d know that signature scent anywhere. The second it made contact with my olfactory senses, I saw the face and heard the voice of my Aunt Eve.

Interesting this childhood memory would pop so vividly into my Friday. What a spiritual boost for me and for my work.

I smiled.

I could see my family sitting around the dining room table in Heaven asking each other who they should send to encourage me and boost my spirits. Silly question because they’d all know who to send. That choice would have taken less than a millisecond. They knew Aunt Eve had a special spot in my heart and we had some history. As usual, in short order and in a style all her own, she got her message across loud and clear.

Thanks. I love and miss Y’all.

The gift of encouragement

Should be given each day–

Pass it out freely

And in gentle ways.

There’s no  need for ribbons

To make it look grand–

Just the simple encouragement

Of a kind, helping hand. 

~Joan Stephen~

I am…

B…simply being…


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