Let Sleep Come

Lord, unwrinkled my tired soul

unsnarl my garbled thoughts and words

unwind my gnarled nerves

and let me relax in Thee.  

~Marian Wright Edelman, Bedside Prayers

Lately, many people I talk with tell me they cannot sleep.

Thank heavens, I rarely have that problem.

When I was working, there’d be nights when my mind would not shift gears and slow down. I’d find myself re-hashing and replaying different scenarios from that day or the day before–some nights there’d be scenes from many years prior intertwining and mixing into the current featured attraction. When that started happening, I knew I was in for a very long night.

Luckily, I’ve made peace with most of that. I couldn’t help but wonder if I could find something to share that’d help those struggling now.

I’ve been reading my little book of bedside prayers. I enjoy this book a lot. It’s certainly a precious little find and quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Today I found two prayers I think my help ease some of the restless minds out there.

The first prayer introduced today’s story and the second follows.

Now is the time to light the vesper candles of the soul

for their flame shall illuminate this sacred place.

Now is the time to rest in the indigo blue arms of the earth

for the earth shall support and embrace you.

Now is the time to dry the tears of the day

for the Spirit shall comfort and console you.

Now is the time to offer thanks for the blessings of this day

for the Spirit shall receive and honor your graciousness.

Now is the time to hear the lullaby of wind over the land

for you shall be rocked in the soothing of  its rhythm.

Now is the time to close your eyes and let sleep come

for the Spirit shall keep tender vigil through the night.

~Susan J. Erickson, Bedside Prayers 

As someone shared with me earlier today–may angels rest upon your pillow.

I am…

B…simply being…

As someone shared with me earlier today–may angels rest on your pillow.



I am so fortunate to have an amazing photographer in my circle of Facebook friends. Thank you, Chuck Hackenmiller, for allowing me to use your wonderful photos as part of my blog.

You can see many of Mr. Hackenmiller beautiful photos on the Facebook page, I grew up in Iowa.

Please note, no re-use of this photo without permission from Chuck Hackenmiller, Boone, Iowa.

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