A Change of Worlds

There is no death. 

Only a change of worlds. 

~Chief Seattle

Today, my friend, Judi, and her husband, Ernie, said good-bye to their beloved Nina.

I met Nina for the first time nearly two years ago.  Judi and I had compared dog notes for sometime before I actually met Nina and her younger sister, Ira. I knew Nina had been struggling and had certain expectations set in my mind. I was 100% wrong.

The gray-faced dog greeting me at the door both surprised and impressed me by her agility and determination. It was if she was telling me she may be old but she was still a lady and a competent, gracious hostess.

In one short run to the door, Nina won my heart and my admiration.

I am grateful for the bravery she taught me and how she showed me to just forge on. I will remember her every morning when I “chat” with Judi as remind myself I do not need to ask about Nina because I know she is at peace.

Those of us who are lucky enough to have dogs or had dogs in our lives know a dog gives you some of the best days of your life but also one of the hardest ones.

I think part of the dog’s magic is their ability to erase those pain filled last days with the more vivid memories of their crazy, mischievous ones. Come on, I know you know exactly what I’m talking about–those chewed up remote controls, shoes, brief cases, and dinners cooling on the table when you turned your back for just a second. Those things that made you crazy and endangered their very existence.

These and many more are the memories that will bring slow smiles to your face and a much needed lightness to your heart–

It’s true—

When I come to you in dreams,

I’m really there.

When you see me out of 

The corner of your eye, 

I’m really there.

When you ‘sense’ me

Around the place, 

I’m really there.

I haven’t left you, not really.

My spirit is everywhere,

But especially with you. 

~Author Unknown

I am…

B…simply being…





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