When It Is Not a Job

“I often think about dogs when I think about work and retirement. There are many breeds of dog that just need to be working, and useful, or have a job of some kind, in order to be happy. Otherwise, they are neurotically barking, scratching, or tearing up the sofa. A working dog needs to work. And I am a working dog.”
― Martha Sherrill

A few weeks ago a friend commented that I was working hard on my blog.

Funny. Until he said that, I never thought of my storytelling as work. The writing was something I always wanted to do. The only work I had to do was find ways to deal with the fear of failure.

Until I started writing, I was pretty lost in this world called retirement. Even on days like to today, when I discard more than I write, I am happy to be sitting in at my desk. My afternoons are filled with searching memories with haphazard methods resembling scavenger hunts. After enough successful finds, I scramble to find words I hope enable me to tell my stories in some sort of coherent manner.

I understand that there will be days when the ideas are short ones. I’m okay with that.

It’s days like today when I thank God for people like Rabbi Naomi Levy who write such beautiful prayers I can share. And photographers like Linda Larson Hoopes, who allow me to share their photos she’s posted on the IOWA Abandoned Images Facebook page. Thank you, Linda.

I’ve turned to Rabbi Levy often these past few months as I’ve questioned what was next for me. This is a short prayer from her book, Talking to God.

May you receive an answer that will bring you joy and peace. May God be with you, may health and strength sustain you, may nothing harm you, may wisdom and kindness enrich you, may blessings surround you now and always.  Amen.

I am…

B…simply being…

Love and peace Y’all.

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