Stop with the Small Stuff

“Things you may take for granted, other people are praying for”
― Marlan Rico Lee

Yesterday I ranted on and on about the cost of prescription drugs. I was frustrated and I was angry about the whole process. From working with the physician to secure the best medication for me to gathering all my new insurance information to presenting all of that to the pharmacy, I was unprepared for more roadblocks.

I needed to vent. You, my friends, were front and center.

After all that, I came across a letter written by Holly Butcher, a young Australian woman who died last week from Ewing’s Sarcoma. She was only 27 years old. Her family shared her letter of advice online. This is part of her letter:

“I just want people to stop worrying so much about the small, meaningless stresses in life and try to remember that we all have the same fate after it all so do what you can to make your time feel worthy and great, minus the bull—,” she wrote.

Hol, as she was known to family and friends, implored those reading to not get preoccupied with the little things and to appreciate every moment in a life that will lead to only one final fate.

“I swear you will not be thinking of those things when it is your turn to go,” wrote Butcher. “It is all SO insignificant when you look at life as a whole. I’m watching my body waste away right before my eyes with nothing I can do about it and all I wish for now is that I could have just one more Birthday or Christmas with my family, or just one more day with my partner and dog.

This certainly made me stop…think…and let my frustrations go. Once again, I’d had found a new teacher just when I needed one.

Thank you, Holly, for giving me and many others this important and much needed gift and insight.

God bless you and your family.

I am…

B…simply being…

Wishing you all love and many blessings.


My thanks to my friend, Kimberly Salimeno, for sharing her beautiful picture with me. 




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