Scary Stuff

It was an early morning in Hibdonville.

Michael was getting ready to go help his friend, Dayne, out at the lease and I was off to water aerobics. The best thing was–this is a very big deal–we woke up to rain. It has not rained here for weeks with temperatures in the 100s. We were celebrating every falling rain drop. Please Lord, I prayed, send us more.

To get the forecast, I turned on the news. Wait a minute…


My world went a tad bit off kilter as I listened to the reporter saying the US had fired a long-range missile from a launch site in California as a warning to North Korea.


For a few minutes, I found myself transported back in time to Mrs. Kvidera’s sixth-grade classroom, listening as she taught us about Communism, propaganda,  and what it would mean if Russia attacked us using a nuclear bomb.  She called it The Cold War.

I was also reminded of that dangerous game of chicken where two cars raced rapidly toward each other until one driver ‘chickens” out, turning sharply to get out-of-the-way.

My adult, logical self, searches for something positive to focus on about our world today.

My sixth-grader self is pretty uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Scary stuff.

This has weighed on my mind today, crowding out all my other more creative thoughts.

Take a minute with me to say a prayer for those people who hold our world in their hands. May God give them the wisdom to call the game of chicken off before a knee-jerk, reflexive reaction creates a world sized disaster.

I am…

B…simply being…

I love you.

Join me in prayers for peace.




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