Happy Fourth of July Eve!

I’m thinking that this week is probably either very easy or very difficult in the working world.  My hope is you all were able to take some type of extended break these past few days.

Our home network is working off and on–never on when I want or need it to be. After another few calls to Verizon, I’ve learned that they have a very high number of service calls at this time. Surprise! Once they determine the cause of our problems–maybe several days more–they will determine what type of credit to apply to our account. Well…what can you do? Every person I talked with was extremely nice as they delivered the news I did not want to hear. Did not help me or my cause to show my frustration–will see what the next few days bring our way. Until then we will work with the network we have when we have it. Crabby making, for sure.

After all of these network issues, I question so many things about our world and all the technical things we have at our finger tips. I am beginning to realize just how much subtle power I freely give this thing called the internet. I see this as a red flag for me to review this point the next couple of days. Right now, I am typing as quickly as I can, reviewing as I go, so I can get this written before I lose my connection.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll declare my personal Independence Day–a day free from technology.  Wouldn’t that be a great way to celebrate the holiday set aside to celebrate our freedoms? Make this a day spent in the moment, awake and aware of the beauty surrounding us while fully engaged with each other.

Why not declare your own Independence Day?

I am…

B…simply being…

God bless you and please, God bless America.

Love y’all.


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