My guess is, we all have regrets when it comes to the choices we have made along this journey called life.  If we could go back and make changes, would we?

Here’s the deal, at least from my point of view from my little room in my little corner of the world. To borrow from one of Clint Eastwood’s movie titles, some of the choices I have made fall under good, some under bad, and more than I would like to admit to, the ugly.

The good choices are easy to see and share. No surprise there! These good things  happened because I listened to the kind, patient, and wise people who miraculously showed up in my life. That word, miraculous, is no exaggeration. By the grace of God, they became my guides, holding my hand while supporting me through the challenging times in my life.  Without them, I cannot imagine where I would be today.

Those choices that fall under the bad and the ugly, are not so easy to share. But. These are the things that I feel drawn to share. These “conversations” are my way of paying back and paying it forward. Being easy–not part of the deal.

I found a quote that hit home with me today. It’s from the book, Writing From Life, by Susan Witting Albert, the quote credited to Harriet Goldhor Lerner:

Telling a “true story” about personal experience is not just a matter of being oneself, or even of finding oneself. It is also a matter of choosing oneself.

With that, I am off to get some rest.

I am.

B…simply being…

I wish you love and peace. God bless.






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