I’ve had the week to myself which is always interesting. I still consider myself new to Texas so some things still surprise me.

Coming from Colorado I really did not think that the wind could blow much harder than it does there. I came out one early morning last week to find the big patio umbrella had blown off the patio. That was a surprise. A more pleasant surprise was the fact that I could actually pick it up and get it back onto the patio. Yeah, me!!

From that success, I moved to the front porch to make sure all was well there. Nothing was blown over BUT there was a tarantula sunning himself by the front door. Damn. I really dislike spiders and I had to take care of him myself. After some profanity, I put my big girl boots on, grabbed the broom, and pushed him off into the front yard. The best part of that was it brought back a memory of a time when things were so different. A friend of mine’s husband really did pet tarantula. Geez…I miss you, Sue Martin. My head spins when I think of how many years ago that was when we would sit around Jodi’s kitchen table and just enjoy each other’s company.  No cell phones–just wine, snacks, laughter, while being surrounded by high energy kids. What a blessing to have such wonderful memories.

With that I am off to wait on that spider-less front porch for my husband to get home. It’s been a long week. I enjoy my alone time but the dogs and I have certainly missed him.

I am blessed and I am grateful.

B…simply being…

Love y’all. Peace


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