“When someone tells me to ‘just relax,’ I wonder why they don’t hand me a book?” 

Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons

Over the past month or so, I’ve had the gift of time.

Not only that, I had time to do whatever I wanted.

What I wanted to do–what I always want to do, given the choice–is read.

That’s exactly what I did.

I read or listened to the audio version of: Becoming, Where the Crawdads Sing, Nine Perfect Strangers, Ordinary Grace, and several of C.J. Box’s stories featuring Game Warden, Joe Pickett. If you haven’t read any of these great books, grab one soon.

I was in my personal heaven.

The added bonus–I was in my own very special place. In all the years I’ve been in this spot, it always resets my mind, heart, and soul.

I arrived in my valley needy and possessive of my time.

I knew this trip would drag up some grief. My little family had totally changed since we were there last. I knew I would need to secure some alone time in order to acknowledge those losses.

I was able to do that.

I visited the cows for Duffy and I walked our walks for Ruby.

I cried.

The best part is I felt both of those special souls beside me every single day I was there.

I didn’t recognize the power of the gift I was given until I’d been home for a few days.

I am grateful I had this time in my special valley.

My thanks to all who helped guide me along the way.

“The fact is, inner peace isn’t something that comes when you finally paint the whole house a nice shade of cream and start drinking herbal tea. Inner peace is something that is shaped by the wisdom that ‘this too shall pass’ and is fired in the kiln of self-knowledge…” 

Tania Ahsan, The brilliant book of calm: Down to Earth Ideas for Finding Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

I am…

B…simply being. 





A Gift

This month two of my friends will mark the first anniversary of the death of their husbands.

Anniversaries are hard for many reasons. It’s been my experience very few people remember these types of uncomfortable dates, especially after the first year has passed–even fewer remember as time moves slowly on.

In fear of doing something wrong and/or dragging up more pain, most will opt to do nothing.

If, like me, know someone who has had a difficult loss, I believe the best gift you can give them is time.

With all the modern technologies literally at our fingertips, it’s so easy to pick up the cell phone and leave a voice message or send a text. This type of non-intrusive message gives the person the space and luxury of answering immediately or waiting until he or she is ready. Plus, in a matter of minutes, your grieving friend knows someone remembers and is thinking of them.

Reach out, my friends, because it’s a road we will all walk down in one way or another.

Help me, God, to listen with my entire being. When I am in pain, give me the courage to trust others enough to bare my heart to them. And when there is no one to listen, hear me, God. Hear me and heal me. Amen

Rabbi Naomi Levy, To Begin Again

I am…

B…simply being.   

~Peace be with you.~


Random Thoughts on​ Gratitude

I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling weary this week.

I can’t pinpoint the event that pushed me from tired to full, blown-out weary. At some point, I’d crossed over.

Challenges, like little knights atop armored steeds charging the castle, were aligning themselves across the horizon of Hibdonville.

I knew there was only one way to stop the charge. I had to gather up my blessings.

This is what I found. A picture of our friend, Dayne’s retirement.

A picture of our friend, Dayne’s, at his retirement celebration.

Sometimes God gives me what I call a “pay attention to this because I am only going to do this once,” type of gift. This is how this “God Wink” played out.

I was up earlier than usual so I could finish up yard work before it got too hot. As my pre-work motivation, I’d given myself a few minutes of computer time. The first thing I saw that morning was a post written by Dayne’s daughter. Today was her Dad’s last day of work.

Our plans changed, thanks to Facebook. We flew into high gear and made it to the party with time to spare. This last-minute change fueled the details for one of my best memories. The priceless look of surprise on Dayne’s face, the laughter shared among old friends, and the pure joy of being there.

It was a day filled with gifts we all gave to each other and a gift appreciated again today.

I am…

B…simply being.

Love and peace Y’all.